Save on contemporary
Danish design.

NOMESS was founded in 2007 by Suzanne Potts, who's driven by her love of iconic Danish design and a desire for stylish simplification. 
Understated yet playful, NOMESS products are designed for the single
purpose of making everyday life easier.

The NOMESS brand has become the go-to for creative people the world over, understanding intuitively that functionality cannot stand alone
- it simply needs aesthetics to function.

Explore the NOMESS Furniture range below:

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Dress - Up
from 649.00
Gravity Rack
from 139.95
4 Dots Table
from 1,499.00
2 - Dot Bench
225.00 549.00
360 Garment Rail
595.00 1,349.00
So Hooked
from 139.95