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The act of sitting down with family, friends and neighbours to have long conversations and enjoy a nice meal is one of the great pleasures in life. It is something that is an everyday occurrence in many parts of the world, including some Western countries – particularly those in the Mediterranean.

But it is something that health and lifestyle publications the world over are convinced that many Westerners do not do frequently enough, and we could probably all benefit from making more of an effort to do so.

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Style Your Living Area With Scandinavian Dining Chairs

One trend in interior design does appear to suggest that a definite attempt is being made in many families to move in such a direction: the recent surge in popularity of Scandinavian furniture, with its emphasis on simple, practical living and the facilitation of human interaction unadulterated by complicated, ‘busy’ living spaces shows that many people are yearning for more of a simple, uncluttered lifestyle.

For those seeking to reprioritise their life in such a manner, investing in a top-quality set of Scandinavian style dining chairs is an obvious place to start.

The simple, practical nature of the wooden Scandi dining chair draws the focus away from complicated, elaborate designs and shifts it instead towards the everyday activities that the chairs make possible – the sharing of stories and the appreciation of food.

Shop For Scandinavian Dining Chairs Online

It doesn’t have to be a difficult thing to purchase your very own top-quality Scandinavian dining chairs in Melbourne. When you buy your Scandinavian dining chairs online at Vincent Design, the stress and hassle usually associated with interior decorating is entirely removed.

Our easy-to-use website contains all the information you need, and our Scandi dining chairs are available in a wide range of colours. Whatever style you’re trying to create in your room, our Scandinavian style dining chairs will truly capture your imagination.

Experienced Family Business

Our family has over fifty years of combined experience in the industry, and as we’re a family owned and operated business, we are dedicated to ensuring we uphold our family’s long tradition of taking great pride in top-quality design.

That’s why we only sell the very best Scandinavian dining chairs, designed and made by some of the world’s best and brightest Scandinavian style designers and manufacturers. So you know that when you purchase a Scandi dining chair from us, it has been hand selected by experienced experts for its superior quality.

Investing in Scandinavian Dining Chairs That Will Last You a Life Time

If you live in the Melbourne region and you’re looking to improve your lifestyle by simplifying and decluttering your home, Vincent Design’s modern Scandinavian dining chairs are a great investment.

Create the perfect dining area with Scandinavian dining chairs

Creating a practical but stylish dining area is easy when you chose to buy Scandinavian dining chairs. Not only does their minimal style enable them to be matched with any style of dining table, but they’re a practical option for families with children.

Made from beech wood, our chairs are based on the traditional Swedish stick back chair and come in a selection of four different designs and either a white or black lacquered finish to suit all kinds of interior decors. They’re the perfect way to add contemporary style to any kind of dining area or even a formal dining room.

Shop Scandinavian dining chairs online at Vincent Design

As an Australian family owned company, it’s our aim to offer some of the best designer furniture on the market at an affordable price.

We source our products from a small number of highly regarded international designer furniture brands, such as Design House Stockholm, to bring you the best Scandinavian dining chair designs.

Everything we stock in our online furniture store has been chosen carefully by us for its style, its timeless appeal and its quality, so you can be sure that when you shop a Scandinavian dining chair online at Vincent Design, you’ll be getting superior chairs that not only look beautiful, but that will last, no matter how many meals you sit down to.

The best selection of Scandinavian dining chairs in Melbourne

Of course, there are other places to buy a Scandinavian dining chair Melbourne wide, but none come close to the quality and style of the chairs here at Vincent Design.

And, while you can choose to buy your Scandi style dining chairs by paying a visit to our store on Coventry Street, we also supply our Scandi dining chairs online with shipping not just in the Melbourne area, but throughout Australia.

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to buy high quality Scandinavian design furniture wherever you are in the country.

Try our Scandinavian dining chairs for yourself

If you live in the south Melbourne area, you may want to drop into our store to compare the quality of our Scandinavian dining chairs with some of the other chairs available in Melbourne. We know you’re going to be delighted by the craftsmanship and by the superior quality of the beechwood used.

Our staff are on hand to answer any questions you may have and to arrange delivery or collection of your order.

We also sell all kinds of Scandi style furniture from dining tables to armchairs and sofas, together with a whole range of Scandinavian accessories to add the finishing touches to your dining area.

Contact a member of our helpful and friendly team for more information, or use our website to place an order for our Scandi dining chairs today!

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Scandinavian Dining Chairs