Scandinavian Style Furniture Melbourne

Scandinavian style furniture is renowned throughout the world for being contemporary, sleek and stylish. Its simple, minimalistic designs are not only visually stunning but also incredibly practical. A room decorated in the distinctive Scandinavian style exudes elegance and class whilst remaining refreshingly uncluttered and without seeming overly grandiose.

In a sense, the Scandinavian style is as much about lifestyle as it is about interior décor. Scandinavian style furniture has a calming effect on a home, promoting a peaceful and uncluttered way-of-life.

It is no wonder that the style is becoming so popular here in Australia, where clean and simple living has always been a defining feature of the lifestyle.

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Scandinavia may be on the other side of the world, but Scandinavian style furniture captures in many ways the essence of how life in Australia is meant to be: uncomplicated and informal, but nonetheless clean and contemporary.

Shop For Scandinavian Furniture Online

If you’re thinking of redecorating your house in the Scandinavian style and are looking to buy Scandinavian furniture in Melbourne, you may be assuming that you’re facing inevitable trips to stressful home improvement stores. Fortunately for you, all the best Scandi furniture in Melbourne is available right here at the Vincent Design website, where you can shop for Scandinavian furniture online at your own pace.

Our Scandi style furniture online store makes it possible for you to learn more about the style and browse the various options available to you from the comfort of your own home – meaning there’s no rush to decide which furniture you’d like, and no frustrating sales pitches!

Selected By Our Family

At Vincent Design, we have a decade of experience at bringing the world’s very best designs to Australia. Our family owned and run business offers a great collection of modern designs from some of the best and brightest Scandinavian designers, including Design House Stockholm and Nomess Copenhagen.

As we’re guided by our family passion for exceptional design, we only sell furniture that we truly love and admire – so you can be confident that you’re buying exclusive products of the highest quality.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re planning improvements for your existing Scandinavian style living spaces, or whether you’re looking into the Scandi style for the first time, our Scandinavian furniture store in Melbourne offers you practical and fashionable solutions that have been handpicked by us.

How to get the Scandi Furniture look in your home

If you’re looking to inject some Scandi style into your home, buying Scandinavian style furniture is one way to get the Scandi vibe.

At Vincent Design we offer the kind of Scandi style furniture Melbourne homes need to create this unique look, however creating an authentic Scandi look is not all about the furniture.

While it’s true that by choosing pieces of Scandinavian furniture, Melbourne homes can achieve the required calm but cosy enviroment, but you may also want to consider incorporating other elements of Scandi style into your rooms, such as increasing the light within your rooms with mirrors, utilising bare bulb style lighting, and adding candles and lanterns.

Find hidden gems in our Scandinavian furniture store in Melbourne

Another way to ensure that you get the Scandi vibe is to add wood elements into your room. Whether this is with wooden floors and walls or with characteristic wooden Scandi furniture, Melbourne based Vincent Design has a fantastic range of both furniture and Scandi style accessories in our Scandinavian furniture store in Melbourne.

Adding wooden pieces to your room is the perfect way to connect with nature and the outdoors, so if you’re not in the market for one of our larger items of Scandi style furniture you may want to opt for a small wooden stool, bench, or a practical but beautiful step stool, or even one of the beautiful wooden Scandi style Nordic Lights from Design House Stockholm.

Scandi furniture and accessories by Design House Stockholm

As an official stockist of renowned international brand, Design House Stockholm, we’re able to offer a select range of Scandi style furniture and accessories in our Melbourne furniture store.

Whether you’re looking for a new sofa or dining table or you’d like to inject some Scandi style with a set of new chairs, you’ll find contemporary pieces which combine innovation with simplicity for that truly Scandinavian feel.

With style features such as the absence of cushions on the Nest Sofa to allow you to focus on the sofa’s profile and stitching, to the beautiful simplicity of the Tablo Tray table, all Design House Stockholm products have been designed to ensure that they have personality, character and timeless appeal.

We deliver our Scandi style furniture Australia wide

It’s easy to get the Scandi look in your home with Scandi style furniture and accessories from Vincent Design. We can deliver your new furniture Australia wide or you can opt to come and collect it yourself from our South Melbourne store.

Of course, if you want to see the quality of our designer furniture and accessories for yourself, why not pay us a visit at our furniture store on Coventry Street, where you’ll find our friendly staff are always on hand to help?

Contact Us

Whether you’re looking to make a purchase or you’re simply looking for some friendly advice, we’re always more than happy to hear from you and do our best to help in any way we can.

So feel free to drop by our Melbourne showroom, or alternatively contact us by phone or email today – and start the exciting process of transforming your home into a blissful sanctuary of contemporary Scandinavian style!

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Scandinavian Furniture

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