Chilewich Placemats - Plaid

Chilewich Placemats - Plaid


Brand: Chilewich

Plaid reinterprets a classic weave pattern using 14 different colors for a complex yet refined result. Chilewich has the unique ability to create their proprietary TerraStrand® yarns with two colors on each individual thread. These “bi-color” yarns are woven with solid colors to create a sophisticated textile, with deliberate variation in the sequence and ratio of colors used to calculate a random look. The resulting effect is that of a plaid explosion. Plaid placemats and runners are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. 
Made in USA with TerraStrand® and Microban®.

Style Number: 100411-xxx
Weave Style: Plaid
Dimensions: Rectangle; 36 x 48cm

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